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How the Sell the Prizeā„¢ Process Helps You Achieve Predictable Revenue

The Prize is what customers want to buy.  If they think you have something they prize, they will want to talk to you.  People interested in talking to you is the first step toward predictable revenue.

However, most companies avoid any mention of the prize.  Instead, they talk about themselves.

They tell you who they are and what they do.  They make you search for a reason to care.  And often they don't reward your search.  And they wonder why sales are so elusive.

They can't generate any sales momentum.  Their "WE marketing" doesn't deliver results.  They never achieve a predictable revenue stream.  In some cases, each sales win is a surprise.

When you Sell the Prize, you share a Message that causes prospects to pay attention.  You execute sales Mechanics that convert because you influence the buyer's buying process not impose your selling process.  And you track Metrics that matter so you continuously improve.

The Sell the Prize process moves you toward predictable revenue.  Your sales increase because you focus on: a Message to entice first, Mechanics to convert second, and Metrics to continuously improve third.

The sequence is important.  Lots of activity that shares an ineffective message is futile.  In the same regard, measuring a weak message or poor execution just confirms that what you're doing is wrong.  It won't help you dramatically improve your sales performance.

  1. Message - to entice
    • Are you saying the right things?
    • Does your message target and speak to the right people?
    • Is your message generating interest among the right people?
    • Does your message create urgency?
  2. Mechanics  to convert
    • Are your sales and lead generation processes aligned?
    • Are you selling efficiently?
    • Is your close rate consistent and improving?
    • Are you regularly coaching your sales team?
  3. Metrics - to continuously improve
    • Are you measuring the right things?
    • Are you measuring activity or results?
    • Are you seeing improvement in what you measure?
    • Are you making regular changes to improve based on your measurements?

You Can't Sell to Strangers

The Sell the Prize process is based on gradual conversion through value.

  • Convert lack of awareness to awareness.
  • Convert awareness to interest.
  • Convert interest to need and urgency.

The belief behind this process of gradual conversion through value is that you can't sell a data-driven technology solution to a stranger.  There may be a few desperate firms out there, but even they will look to those they know first.

Thus the goal is to make more friends.  And the way to do that isn't to brag about you.  The way to do that is to listen to them and try to help by delivering value.

Value works as well to generate sales for a business as it does to create friends in life.

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