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There is nothing more frustrating than an innovative product or service that isn’t earning the revenue it deserves.

It’s not only frustrating, it’s inefficient.  The adoption of innovative solutions is what propels businesses forward.

Innovations are adopted when buyers understand the Prize they get from the innovation they are considering.  It’s not about features, it’s about clearly stated business results.

Unfortunately, many innovators are expert at what their innovation does but less experienced with how to effectively communicate the value their innovation delivers. They believe that what they offer is so unique and valuable, it should sell itself.  This attitude causes many valuable innovations to fail.

Sell the Prize works with innovators like you to identify and develop the right Message, Mechanics and Metrics to attract prospects and convert them to buyers.

Sell the Prize brings you decades of experience selling new, data-driven technology solutions to customers who didn’t know the solution existed.  Some didn’t even know they had a problem.

  • The Sell the Prize Message shows buyers a better future with your solution.  It helps them understand that standing still is far worse than making a change.

  • The Sell the Prize Mechanics make sure your compelling Message is delivered consistently, efficiently and effectively.

  • The Sell the Prize Metrics are your guide to continuous improvement.

The outcome of the Sell the Prize process is not a detailed description of your innovation and how it works. It’s:

  • An increase in sales,

  • A decrease in expenses,

  • A shorter sales cycle,

  • Higher customer satisfaction,

  • Larger deal value,

  • Improved margins,

and other clear benefits for your business and the businesses you serve.

The Sell the Prize process makes your prospects want to buy your innovation because they know what it will do for them. That’s what Sell the Prize is all about.