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Sell the Prize offers several services to help you generate revenue from your innovation.  But first, a bit about initial requirements.

Must Deliver Value Today

Sell the Prize only works with innovative companies who currently deliver value.  There are two reasons.

  1. It’s a lot easier to identify and support a Sell the Prize story for an actual product or service.

  2. Credibility is essential.  Selling what’s possible before it’s possible is often a part of the launch of a new solution, but it’s not a stage where Sell the Prize wishes to participate.

Basic Value Review

Sell the Prize will identify areas of value strength and weakness in your existing pitch or presentation.  After that review you will get an estimate of what it will take to get you to a story that sells you prize.

Full Prize Conversion

Sell the Prize will perform the basic review, scope the work needed and deliver:

  • Revised positioning,

  • Prize story, and

  • Supporting presentation slides with both presenter narrative and leave behind narrative.

Additional Services

Additional Sell the Prize services you can take advantage of include:

  • Live presentation review (client site or your site)

  • Presentation training of your sales force

  • More detailed review of marketing materials and outbound marketing


Fees are subject to scope of work.

Next Step to More Revenue

Contact john@selltheprize.com or 312-450-5565 to get started on your initial review.